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What Is ITeam?

Career Readiness. Professionalism. Social & Emotional Health.

ITeam believes that careers are not built on skills, alone. We believe in developing the whole-health of individual students while respecting and honoring their passions, aptitudes, and curiosity.

ITeam's core values espouse a prosocial attitude as applied specifically to the educational pathways of computer science, information technology, and entertainment media. This translates into students who are career-ready for the innovative job opportunities ahead.

The first step, though, is creating meaningful social activities that encourage career exploration while creating a greater sense of connectedness in a student's life. We achieve this by building communities around the exciting world of Esports.

scholastic esports

The Esports ecosystem draws countless investors, brands, media attention, and consumers to its doors. It's one of the hottest professional and entertainment pursuits that exists today. For ITeam USA, Esports is more than just gaming. Partnering with PlayVS, ITeam is able to provide season play in an scholastic way.

Aside from driving explosive growth in CS & IT enrollment and participation, competitive gaming has proved to be a unifying factor among students, schools and community. Our unique approach enriches the gaming experience in ways that open up educational opportunities and meaningful careers.

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