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ITeam USA, Inc. was created to encourage student career and technical development in the innovative technology, entertainment arts, and multimedia fields. By partnering industry and employers with educators, we collaborate on skills-based engagements to better align the needs of industry and students with cutting edge curriculum. Through technical training events, competitions, and professional sector interactions, our mission is focused on the whole-person development of each student.

Members will have the opportunity to attend the annual Leadership Summit, as well as compete for awards, recognition, and scholarships in the following hyper-focused categories:


All chapters must have at least one (1) advisor and ten (10) student members, and students must be enrolled in classes pertaining to the above categories. Once this preliminary application is submitted, you will be directed to arrange an appointment with the ITeam USA recruitment team. During that meeting, the details of organizing a chapter and clubs will be discussed, including the following:

ITeam chapter fees for each member will be allocated to cover branding material for each member (i.e. t-shirts, stickers, buttons, welcome packet, etc.), as well as carry over for ITeam operational costs. Total fees to students are left to the discretion of each school's advisor, based on the needs of their organizations. Club membership fees, which are different from Chapter membership fees, are also left to the discretion of each school.

Submission of the application represents an official request for educational and professional support through ITeam USA, Inc. in cooperation with the local Board of Education. Applicants certify that students supporting this charter are enrolled in courses related to innovative technology, entertainment arts, and multimedia. This is a preliminary application. Once approved, advisors will have access to edit and update their application profile as well as ITeam's advisor-only Discord channel.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to having you as part of ITeam USA!

Preliminary ITeam USA Chapter Application

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