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Utah Colleges Launch Esports Teams

"Esports require some of the same skills that a college basketball or football player needs to compete, like self-discipline and working together as a team. But the skills that are unique to Esports may translate more naturally to the professional, technologically advancing world."   (Story: KUTV)

More Than Just Gaming

Connection & Belonging

Research shows that students who feel connected to their schools are less likely to engage in risky or dangerous behavior. “Students are more likely to have a number of positive health and academic outcomes.”

  1. Better Academic Engagement
  2. Better School Attendance
  3. Protective Factor Against School Violence
"Esports has a strong social component that easily connects fans to players and teams through gaming platforms and social media sites such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming. The industry also encompasses opportunities in gaming, media, pop culture, and commerce."

Careers In Esports

Industry Snapshot

Growth statistics


Billion-dollar industry by 2025


Year-on-Year Increase


million in sponsorships
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Top 5 Tips to Start Work in the Games Industry

  • Love What You Do & Specialize
  • Be Curious & Eager to Learn
  • Prove Your Skills & Understanding
  • Put Yourself Out There & Network
  • Be Persistent & Don't Give Up

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