The Overview

ITeam USA, Inc. is a student career-readiness organization geared towards computer science, information technology, and digital arts. By partnering employers with educators, we collaborate on skills-based engagements to better align the needs of industry and students with cutting edge curriculum.

Through technical training events, competitions, and professional sector interactions, our mission is focused on the whole-person development of each student. We achieve this by:   

  • Promote Physical, Mental & Social Health
  • Develop Character, Leadership, & Civic Initiative
  • Establish the Technical Skills, Work Ethic, and Commitment that are Critical to Employability

Through the use of scholastic Esports, we are able to help students discover career pathways that are both rewarding and meaningful to them.

Pillars of ITeam USA

Student Social Engagement

Aligning With Career Pathways

ITeam encourages advisors to delegate the creation of social clubs to their school student officers. Aside from creating a means of recruitment, the purpose of these clubs is to socialize around interests and aptitudes while increasing exposure to specific career pathways.

  • Coding
    Computer Science & Information Technology: Information Technology Systems, Programming & Software Development, & Web Development.
  • Security
    Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security: Cybersecurity and other internet-based protective services
  • Gaming
    Esports Industry Career Clusters spanning all CTE Career Pathways   (Learn More Here)
  • Media
    Audiovisual Technology Communications: Broadcasting & Digital Media, Fashion Apparel & Textiles, Graphic Design, and Marketing.
  • Hardware
    Manufacturing & Production of computer and computerized systems; Engineering & Technology: Mechanical Design (CAD), to include Agricultural Mechanical Systems
  • Honors
    Academic Excellence and Human Services, to include Hospitality, Business Administration and leadership.


A Unique Approach to Education

Our unique approach harnesses the connecting power of Esports and gaming among students to infuse principles of social and emotional learning and career exploration in ways that resonate with them. Esports not only boosts interest and enrollment in CS and IT courses, leading to scholarships and careers, it also strengthens the connectivity and the social and emotional health of your students.

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