An agenda is critical to successful meetings.  Please consider the following:

1. Opening

• Call to Order

• Invocation or Thought for the Day

• Pledge to the Flag

2. Roll call or sign in sheets and reading of minutes by the secretary

3. Reports

• Officers

• Committees

4. Business

• Unfinished business

• New business

• Installation of officers

• Granting of honorary memberships

5. Announcements

6. Program

• Career Pathway Presentation (Every meeting)

• Educational Information

              Monthly topic of Discussion

                            Mental/Social Health


                              Civic Action

• Presenting awards

7. Closing

• Recognition of participants

• Reminders

• Adjourn


8. Activity: Gaming or Practice



The president or chairperson oversees the events of the meeting.

Members will introduce new topics of discussion. The correct method to make a

motion is:

i. A member who desires to make a motion and introduce an item of business

for discussion seeks recognition from the chair by stating: “Madame/Mister


ii. The individual waits until the president recognizes them and then states, “I

move to…” or “I move that…”

iii. A second must be provided by another member, indicating that there is a

desire to discuss the topic. That member simply states, “Second.”

iv. Discussion follows, and if necessary, a vote is taken.

v. The result of the vote is announced.

vi. Business is concluded.